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Nómada Avenidas Novas

Nómada, a journey of discovery.

The best of Fusion Sushi and traditional Asian cuisine meets European and Portuguese flavours in a menu that makes us travel.

Creatively savvy, the Nomad spirit is also revealed in the desire to explore dishes off the map, the flavour of everyday life, with fresh and seasonal ingredients. Let yourself be swept away by the best of the ocean and the land, made in the best Japanese style, or deviate from the eastern route to taste a dish of ripe meat. With original and sophisticated proposals, Nomada's menu has the signature of those who have trotted to the far corners of the globe, to bring us suggestions from another world. The dedication and experience of Chef Francisco Bessone, serves as a guide in this varied geography of flavours.

An experience that comes together
in two different spaces

Avenidas Novas

In harmony with a kitchen where the concept of Fusion Sushi reigns, Nomada's space was inspired by strong symbolism from Japanese culture to provide us with a sensorial experience at all levels. This gastronomic journey through Japanese cuisine begins in the Asase, a contemporary decorative piece that reinterprets the movement of a school of fish swimming in the same direction.

This is followed by ceiling cloths inspired by the traditional nerons - linen elements historically used for protection against wind, rain and dust. In this minimalist, elegant and welcoming environment, surrounded by decorative elements that make us want to depart towards new discoveries, Nomada's style is always present. Let yourself stay. Great journeys are moments to cherish.

Avenidas Novas

Av. Visc. de Valmor 56 D/E, 1050-241 Lisboa

(+351) 917 779 737

New in town

Nómada Chiado

It is natural that the appreciation for a multitude of cultures took Nomada to the most cosmopolitan and stylish neighborhood of the Portuguese capital. In tune with a style of cooking that travels across the globe, the decoration boldly reveals that Japan is a mandatory stop. The movement of a shoal around a center, represented in a piece called Vortex, challenges us to leave. Another reference, the choice of the red Aka symbolises protection and celebration in contrast with the geometric subtlety of space.

The journey towards the East is prolonged in the use of natural materials forming a pattern, suggesting the traditional Japanese illustrations of aquatic and ethereal elements. A succession of more intimate spaces along the rooms, allows you to simply be and enjoy yourself in a setting of recollection. Embark on a full gastronomic experience that awakens the senses and in which we simply allow ourselves to be swept away.

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Nómada Avenidas Novas

How it all started

Nómada is, by definition, someone who does not stop, who runs across the globe, who seeks new places and new challenges.

It was from this somewhat erratic and dreamy essence that Nómada was born.
Chef Francisco Bessone, with deep knowledge of the Japanese universe and several years of experience in leading restaurants, brings all his technique and expertise to the table of Nómada.
Rui de Oliveira, ensures a unique, judicious experience with a contagious proximity.
From this friendship Nómada's family was born. A growing team that works daily to elevate an experience true to its name. Nómada is all about people, and returning to Nómada always feels like home.

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